League of legends is played and watched by millions worldwide with the current schools competition is only at a trial stage, but there's already discussions about how to broaden out e-sports offerings.
I thought it was such a good idea, because in sports like I do like hockey and badminton, we only verse girl’s schools, and it's more of a formal setting. I like the idea of sitting down with friends and having chance to verse schools you've never had the opposition to verse against,” e-sports player Lizzie Stewart
The lingo might be different and teachers may have their work cut out to just keep up.
“I think it's great, one thing about hockey is we have a coach, but in e-sports we kind of are our own coaches so it's really fun to develop new strategies that we're all learning along the way,” Stewart explained.
E-sports has traditionally been a male-dominated industry so it was refreshing for the organisers to see Samuel Marsden Collegiate School front three all-girls teams for the competition, and challenge the status quo.
“I definitely think it's good to involve more games, my friend Victoria really wants Minecraft to be a thing, like capture the flag and I think that's a really cool idea,” Stewart said.