Below you will find the seedings for the upcoming regional competitions.

The number of teams who made it through to the next round, was dependent on number of teams from the region. Teams who topped each pool were placed as the highest seeded teams for that region. All other teams were seeded for the regional competition, based upon season points. If teams were drawn on points, their seeding were determined by our tie breaker rules found in the META High School Handbook, section 8.

For Regions with 3 pools, the top 6 were taken from the top 2 of each pool. Then the final 2 teams were determined by season points and the tie breaker rules were used for teams who were drawn on points.

Some 3 pool regions had one pool where teams received byes. To find seedings and to determine tie breaks, those teams received a bye win to give them a chance of matching up on points with the other pools from their region.

There were some very close tie breaker situations.

The second rule of tie breakers was determined on in game data being used in the following manner:

Here are the points values to be used for each game title in a tied situation-

•League of Legends- Gold Average per Minute

•Rocket League- Goal differential

•Valorant- Rounds for/against differential

If results were not entered properly, the data would not have counted towards the tie breaker situation. Please remember to enter results in full after every match.

Thank you and Good Luck to all teams who made it to regionals.